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Software Development


·         Client/Server Applications


·         Biometric Data Collation


·         Distributed Applications


·         Corporate Accounting Application


·         Standalone Software Application


·         Educational Application 


·         Fleet Management Application (Inventory)


·         Messaging Communication System (MS Outlook & Exchange Server)


Website Development


·         Mobile Responsive Website Design & Deployment


·         Corporate Website


·         Database Driven Website


·         Online School Portals


·         E-Commerce (B2B & B2C)


·         Flash Website Design


·         Dynamic Websites


·         Hospital Management System


·         Hotel Management System


·         Point-of-Sales


·         Static Websites


·         Website Maintenance and Updating


Databank Development


·         Corporate online report data banking system


·         Online Payment System with embedded inters witch.


·         Online SMS gateway API system.


·         Design and hosting of online Library




·         Supply and Installation of Vehicle GPS Trackers


·         Supply and Installation of CCTV surveillance system


·         Supply and Installation of web-enabled CCTV surveillance system


·         Design and hosting of online Library


·         Supply and Installation of Bulletproof windscreen for security vehicles


·         Supply of Kevlar Bulletproof Plate




·         Project Management training for corporate Managers & Executives


·         Security Alertness Training


·         Computer Programming languages: ASP, PHP, SQL, MYSQL,


·         Microsoft Application Software: Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access,


·         Finance & Accounting Application: QuickBooks, Peachtree, SSPS


·         Messaging Communicating System: Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint


·         3D animation & Architectural Design and Deployment


·         Computer and Peripheral assembling and maintenance (Desktop, Laptop, Printer Scanner etc)




Other Services


·         Supply and installation of internet connection through V-SAT, Micro Radios, Routers and Modems


·         Design and Printing of topographical and layout maps.


·         Supply of Computers, Laptops and Peripherals


·         Design and installation of network and Security


·         Supply and Installation of CCTV (both wired and wireless with internet control system)


·         Supply and installation of solar lights and inverters.


·         Supply and Installation of satellite TV


·         Supply and Installation of Home & Office Intercom System


·         Home automation System



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